Unstoppaball DX

Unstoppaball DX is a physics-puzzler, in which the the player tries to lead a fragile sphere through beautiful yet dangerous environments.

It features 30 levels in two distict artstyles (“aqueduct” and “cyberspace”), statistics and achievements, hidden challenges within the level, and a beautiful soundtrack.

It was made by me for the 5th semester of game-design school, where it received a perfect grade and remained the best game for another semester. It has been entered in the Kongregate/Unity-Contest of 2011, where it ranked 37th out of over 600 entries. It has been nominated for Unity Award 2011. During this procedure it was presented at the Unite 11-conference in San Francisco. It can also be found on the unity-website, where it is listed as a noteworthy game made with Unity. The game also competed in the IGF 2011, and was part of the successful 99%-Bundle.


It is also available in the appstore, where it has been downloaded more than 25.000 times. It ranked #1 in downloads for a few weeks in Spain, Portugal and Italy. It is also available for Android. On mobile-devies it is controlled by tilting.


Vertical Void DX

Vertical Void DX has been created both for Mini-Ludum-Dare and the Pirate Kart V, a collection of 700+ indiegames presented at the GDC. You explore a procedurally generated cave-system, and try to get as far as possible.

Since then it has been ported to iOS, Android and the Ouya. The Soundtrack was created by Kevin Macleod.



  • Tilt-Controls on devices
  • Automatic procedural awesome level-generation
  • Highscores! To see how well/horribly you performed
  • Several different cave-types


Strike Craft Copperhead

Strike Craft Copperhead is a procedurally generated infinity twin-stick roguelike, available exclusively on the OUYA-store.

B1J2YHnIIAAyHs5.png large

Fight enemies that try to destroy you, take shortcuts by destroying walls, and explore each unique area.
B1m9fLVCIAAGMay.jpg large


  • 2 hovercraft to chose from
  • Player customization
  • Endless uniquely created levels
  • Destroyable environments
  • Highscores
 Here’s me presenting it at the Berlin Ouya Jam in November 2013


Badass Locomotive

Badass Locomotive is the world’s premier hat-based train-sumilator. You build train-tracks through a beautiful patchwork-environment, and collect hats and colors with which you can customize your train.

It was on Steam Greenlight for a while, reaching the top 25% at its peak.


  • 20 unique level
  • 5 hats
  • 12 colors
  • 72 unique trains possible




POND is a meditative experience about playing with lights and colors.


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